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Add permanent posts and eternalize your thoughts on the blockchain

How it works

Step 1Install the extensionicon-googleicon-firefoxStep 2LoginStep 3Type your postStep 4Congrats, your post is on the blockchain

Engrave your post

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Own your post

- Post honest comments that will be permanently saved

- Leave your review directly in any website

- Unlock your voice in silent streams

- Unlock the door to freedom of expression

Bridging Web3 and Web2

- Browser extension for seamless integration

- Your post will never be deleted or changed

- Leave uncensored posts on the blockchain

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Post honest feedback

- Post your honest opinion about any website on the internet

- Bypass the Over-moderation and make your words count

- Mark your post to be saved forever

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Our values


We don't store any personal data, we rely on the blockchain as our shared database


We offer the option for anonymous posts, allowing you to express your thoughts without revealing your identity


The enduring existence of your posts is not tied to our servers but instead relies on the decentralized nature of the blockchain


Security stems from our no-data storage policy and reliance on the blockchain


At Postschain, honesty is not just a value, it's a promise. We encourage genuine, unfiltered posts


All posts are openly visible to all, fostering an environment of shared ideas and open dialogue


1$ = 1 credit
Unlock 1 post submission
One-time payment
All-Inclusive features
1 credit
1 post
10$ = 10 credits
Unlock 10 post submissions
Same as basic plan
One-time payment
All-Inclusive features
10 credits
10 posts